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2009 Calendar - Nena Ristic

Calendario Fapim 2009 - Nena Ristic

Fapim 2009 calendar features a young star of the Italian television, Nena Ristic, who participated to the 2007 edition of "Ciao Darwin" and was definitively brought to the stage by the 2008 sexy calendar published on "Matrix".
Nena's beauty has been captured by the photographer Luca Cattoretti in 12 photos shot in a special location: an unusual and creative Sicily. Fapim 2009 calendar was made near Castel di Tusa, close to Cefal¨, seizing unique opportunity to take advantage of the "Fiumara D'Arte" project, which had gathered many works of art on site. Among these, some huge sculptures scattered over the hinterland and a Hotel with 16 "art" rooms, conceived by some international artists devoted to contemporary art experimentation.
Fapim crew took a full immersion into this ideal and dreamy environment for a five days' set, and achieved an exceptional calendar whose artistic connotation has been mixed with the sex appeal of Nena Ristic. You will have to wait a few months to see the results of this work. The next event will be the on-line publication of the back stage video, expected to be ready by the end of September.

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